Hyundai holds the scaffolding

På Europanivå uppmärksammar Hyundai Material Handling Ottosson Truck/Hyundais samarbete tillsammans med TEMO MANAGEMENT, IBS BYGGNADSSTÄLLNINGAR OCH STÄLLNINGSMONTAGE SYD. 

That IBS Byggnadsställningar, Ställningsmontage Syd and Temo Management are all successful companies within the scaffolding industry cannot be denied. One common denominator that is perhaps not so obvious is their forklift parks.
(picture: Ottosson Truck/Hyundai's salesman David Tkaczyk and Temo Management's forklift driver Filip Olofsson.)


More and more companies in the scaffolding industry are choosing Hyundai forklifts. For many they are good value for money, high quality and adaptable. Privately owned company IBS Byggnadsställningar is one of the companies that has chosen to invest in Hyundai forklifts in the last few years. During their 40 years of operation they have become established in Östergötland, Gothenburg and Kalmar counties, with customers all across the country. The company has 7-8 forklifts that are used on a daily basis, and in 2017 they started a collaboration with Ottosson Truck/Hyundai.

"We have bought the last three forklift trucks through Ottosson Truck/Hyundai. They have been helpful in regard to any questions that we have asked them, kept to the delivery times and have been open to adapting the forklifts to our requirements," says IBS Byggnadsställningar's CEO Daniel Asp.

Ställningsmontage Syd are a bit newer on the Hyundai front. At the time of writing, the first Hyundai forklift truck is on its way to the company, which was started in 2006 by brothers Martin and Peter Larsen. Today, they erect and strike scaffolding around Skåne and have around 35 employees.

"For the last two years we have managed with one machine, so this will be our second and will be used at our stores in Sjöbo. We have tested lots of forklifts but have never found one that was any good. At the moment Ottosson Truck/Hyundai have leant us a forklift, which is helping to solve the problem until our new specially customised forklift arrives."

Temo Management in Sölvesborg has collaborated closely with Ottosson Truck/Hyundai for several years. The company was started in 2012, has 25 employees and works in the industrial, construction and scaffolding sector - primarily in Blekinge. To start with, Ottosson Truck/Hyundai helped with repairs of Temo Management's old forklift trucks, but after several years they chose to invest in two brand new ones. Now another is also on the way.

"The forklifts that we have now have been completely customised by myself and David at Ottosson Truck/Hyundai to our operations, including double drive wheels and a wider fork carrier, which is important for good stability. Our forklifts are used daily and are important for our work," says Martin Olofsson, one of the owners of Temo Management.

What makes the Hyundai forklift ideal for your daily work?

"It meets the quality that we expected for the price", 
says Daniel Asp.

"We purchased an unusual variant with double front wheels to distribute the load better". The truck is used every day, all the time, so it is important that everything works. We have not had any problems at all with the loan forklift. The new one feels perfectly customised to our needs, which will be ideal," says Martin Larsen.

"We have had experience of Hyundai since 2015 when we started purchasing their cars. It is good value for money and we are very pleased by the high quality. Therefore, it felt quite safe investing in forklifts by the same manufacturer. We have a really good relationship with Ottosson/Truck Hyundai with good service and it is very orderly, which I appreciate. It is an old, local company that is situated close to us, which is also good", says Martin Olofsson.

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