Steel fabrication, trucks and rock 'n' roll

På Europanivå uppmärksammar Hyundai Material Handling Ottosson Truck/Hyundais samarbete tillsammans med Hjalmarssons. 

A shared interest in steel, trucks and rock 'n' roll is the secret behind the successful collaboration between the companies Ottosson Truck/Hyundai and Hjalmarssons in the Swedish municipality of Sölvesborg.

Hjalmarssons has had a full workshop since 1985. To keep production running as smoothly as possible, it is important that everything works properly. That is why they have taken steps like entering into a total solution together with Ottosson Truck/Hyundai. 

Ottosson Truck7Hyundai & Hjalmarssons

Hjalmarssons is a family company founded in the mid-1980s. Today, they provide products and services to customers in a variety of business areas. In a production space spanning 6,000 square meters (about 64,600 square feet), they handle everything from steel fabrication, forging and HVAC to licensed welding and cutting.

As part of production, components must be moved and trucks loaded. The need for well-functioning and reliable trucks is great, which is why Hjalmarssons invested in new Hyundai trucks from Ottosson Truck/Hyundai in recent years.

"A couple of years ago, we bought the first two trucks, and this summer we will replace some old ones with two new electric trucks," says Stefan Isacsson, who is responsible for procurement at Hjalmarssons.

According to Stefan Isacsson, there are a number of reasons why Hjalmarssons chose Ottosson Truck/ Hyundai. For one, they like the total solution that includes everything from servicing to inspection and checks. Proximity is another advantage.

"If anything goes wrong, they can be here in an hour. It is a good partnership. That's why we are choosing to invest in two more trucks," says Stefan Isacsson.

In the coming summer, there are not only two new trucks to look forward to. There is also a bit of rock 'n' roll. At the Svveden Rock Festival, Hjalmarssons will be on hand with a tent in the VIP area to show off and talk about their operations. Visitors will also have the opportunity to compete, win prizes and talk to salespeople and project managers. Ottosson Truck/Hyundai previously took part in a similar event with their Rockin' the Road concept. Because the setup really put Hyundai on the Swedish truck map, they can guarantee that Hjalmarssons is hitching their star to a winning concept and making it their own this year. In addition to rock 'n' roll, there is a common denominator. His name is Pär Johansson. He serves as art director at Knoester & Co and has previous experience working at Sweden Rock. To prepare for the event, he designed material in the form of logos, t-shirts and invitations to both Ottosson Truck/Hyundai and Hjalmarssons.

"We chose to partner with Sweden Rock for a number of different reasons. One is that many of our employees have a huge interest in rock music, and another is that we enjoy working locally. We will be running an industry theme that goes hand in hand with our operations and hard rock," explains marketing manager Alice Nilsson.

What the summer has to offer Hjalmarssons – beyond new trucks and rock 'n' roll – remains to be seen. One thing that's certain is that the environment will remain in focus.

"We consider environmental work important, and after the last deal we sold or scrapped all diesel trucks and replaced them with electric ones. Naturally, being able to perform this upgrade with a local company like Ottosson Truck/Hyundai makes it even more special," concludes Stefan Isacsson. 

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